Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Home Inspector?
Buying a home is a very large investment. It helps to know as much about the home as you can before you make the purchase. Will it need a new roof soon? Is the electrical updated or is it outdated? Is the heating system about to go? A Home Inspector has your best interest in mind and we are trying to prepare you for all possible scenarios that your about to encounter. The small price for the inspection can save you thousands in potential costs.

Should I attend the inspection?
We encourage you to be at the inspection. We understand you are busy, however, being present helps you truly understand the report. You can ask questions and see what we see. Being present helps you fully understand what we find and how to handle it.

How long does the inspection take and when will I receive the report?
A typical home inspection lasts 2.5-3 hours. However, it may vary due to the size, condition and age of the home. Our reports are Emailed to our clients within 24 hours of the inspection. Usually you will receive the report the same day. We understand time is important in this process.

I don’t understand something in the report can I call you?
Yes! Call or email us with any question. We are here to help throughout the entire process. We understand it is a lot to take in and that is why we are accessible after the reports are given.

Can you fix the issues that were found in the report.
Although most inspectors are capable to perform many fixes, we will not fix any issues found on your home. We believe it is a conflict of interest. We will guide you the best we can on how to fix it but we will not perform any repairs.

Should I test for Radon?
Evidence suggests Radon is potentially dangerous and the second leading cause of lung cancer by the Surgeon General. We highly encourage you to test for radon during your home inspection. If radon is found, it is not the end of the end of the world. It can be mitigated by trained professionals to bring it down to safe levels. Visit for more information.